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Surface design without compromise
with RollBeton and RollRost

The new RollBeton and RollRost surfaces are right on trend for an uncompromisingly
contemporary interior look.

A later inclusion of room dividers, e.g. for lofts, or the transformation of a regular
wooden door into a rusty old iron door are just some examples for the many creative uses of our products. A concrete or rust wallpaper allows the transformation of large areas
in a relatively short space of time.

Officedesign mit Betondekor – Abb. 81811
1 / 12 – Officedesign mit Betondekor
Das flexible Rostdekor von StoneslikeStones
2 / 12 - Das flexible Rostdekor von StoneslikeStones
Der dünne RollBeton von StoneslikeStones
3 / 12 – RollBeton auf dünner Glasfasermatte – Abb. 20285
RollBeton von StoneslikeStones im Messebau
4 / 12 – RollBeton, glatt – Messestand, Kork-Bodenplatten – Abb. 71637
RollBeton von StoneslikeStones als Bühnenbild
5 / 12 – RollBeton von StoneslikeStones als Bühnenbild – Abb. 90805
RollRost von StoneslikeStones im Business-Bereich
6 / 12 – RollRost – Waffeldekor – Abb. 05626
RollBeton-Fassade von StoneslikeStones als Messestand
7 / 12 – RollBeton-Fassade von StoneslikeStones als Messestand – Abb. 07289
RollRost von StoneslikeStones im modernen Wohnen
8 / 12 – RollRost – Waffeldekor – Abb. 43941
RollBeton – Modernes Treppenhaus – Abb. 27096
9 / 12 – RollBeton – Modernes Treppenhaus – Abb. 27096
RollBeton von StoneslikeStones im Office-Bereich
10 / 12 – Das flexible Rostdekor als Wand – Dekoration für die Gastronomie
RollRost von StoneslikeStones für die Fassade
11 / 12 – Avantgarde mit Betondekor – Abb. 81812
Das flexible Rostdekor von StoneslikeStones für die Gastronomie
12 / 12 – Das flexible Rostdekor für die Gastronomie – RollRost Waffel

NEW Dekor 木炭 Mokutan

According to RollBeton & RollRost now also burnt wood as a role!

Our new highlight is the reproduction of a traditional technique of Japanese architecture: Shou-Sugi. The supposedly charred wood surfaces are however with us rollable on a track of about 3.00 x 1.00 m to maintain and only a few millimeters strong. The look of the Shou-Sugi wood, which runs under the term "Mokutan" at StoneslikeStones, is absolutely free of fire smell and can be used without hesitation in the interior as a modern wall covering.

Here the production of mokutan wooden boards in Japan

Our mokutan as roll and in detail view



Processing as a wall covering or veneer in the field of shop fitting / trade fair construction, gastronomy, modern living, Carpentry and furniture design

RollBeton and RollRost -
lightweight, flexible

Das super Rostdekor für Messe und Werbung, Abb. 15822

For carpenters and furniture designer

Dekoration mit Rostdekor Waffel, Abb. 15824

Concrete design floor panels with cork

Das StoneslikeStones-Rostdekor Waffel, Abb. 15823